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Last year Martin requested Berry as artist for his limited edition werewolf novel, The Skin Trade, published Nov 2013. Rick created the cover and several paintings for the books interior. We’re pleased to announce Blackstone Wood (above) and 2 other Rick Berry’s oil paintings from this book are in George R.R.Martin’s private collection in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Author of mega-popular Game of Thrones and so much more, did you know Martin is also a star in world of independent cinemas? He’s the driving force behind saving and reviving the Jean Cocteau Cinema in his home community. Rick and I happen to be lucky to enjoy a favorite old theater from 1920′s in our town. We admire that George is supporting a venue that makes wonderful memories for everyone. Screenings include classic, cult, and new movies; also live events from music, theater, and literary worlds. Just one example, last year Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer performed. New things happen almost daily. 

AND…George R.R.  Martin has also installed an ART GALLERY at Cocteau Cinema. He’s invited Rick to show work there in the future! That’ll be fun.skintrade books for post

Finish! 3/25
“Final Approach” by Rick Berry  12 x 12″ oil at Modern Eden Gallery

Rick was happy to be invited, along with studio pal, Rich Pellegrino, to create work for
Michael Cuffe’s curated exhibit April 12th – May 3rd at Modern Eden Gallery in
San Francisco, CA.

Press Release:   “UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence” will bring together artists on the subject of space, the cosmos, galaxies, celestial bodies, planets, stars, and more. Also explored is the larger outer paradigm of the Universe that relates to things of an atomic scale, such as elements of quantum physics, atoms, and energy streams. Each artist has been encouraged to interpret the Universe itself as either an outer or inner world.”  -Michael Cuffe, Editor-in-Chief,  Warholian

Opening Reception: Saturday April 12th, 6-10 pm
Modern Eden Gallery, April 12th – May 3rd
403 Francisco St., San Francisco CA
Sales: Kim@ModernEden.com (415) 956-3033


Cover art 40″ x 32″ Original Oil by Rick Berry on archival cotton ragboard

Signature Page

Limited Edition hard cover book — Signed by George R.R.Martin and Rick Berry —SOLD OUT

A few paintings from the pages of  the werewolf novella - The Skin Trade by George R.R.Martin
The Shattered Room by Rick Berry

The Shattered Room by Rick Berry

Joe Urguart's Last Stand by Rick Berry

Joe Urguart’s Last Stand by Rick Berry

Harmon's Heir by Rick Berry

Harmon’s Heir by Rick Berry

Peek in today as we open doors for the first time with a select group of archival pigment ink prints! http://store.rickberrystudio.com Signed and numbered. All are printed with pigment inks on fine art matt paper in very small editions.  Rick printed this selection himself -with assistance from artist friends – to assure fidelity to each original art work. We  have been asked so often if Rick will sell prints of his compelling oil paintings and finally made some time to produce these. Let us know what you think. 
Cabaret Butoh Series

from CABARET starring Amanda Palmer

Game of Thrones author personally requested Rick create both the cover and several b&w interiors for this recent re-release of his award-winning werewolf novella, The Skin Trade.  We hear this savage mini epic is in movie production now and produced as a comic. This is a sweet little hardcover book designed for a special event. Available now to the general public from the publisher , only a limited number of copies were made. Some are signed by GEORGE R. R. MARTIN and RICK BERRY over Rick Berry art! (see photo below) Original paintings are expected to be available for purchase in February. Contact sheilaberry@braid.com if you have questions before then. Thanks
Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella

Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella

Signature Page

Signature Page

Sloane Merrill Gallery, 75 Charles St. Beacon Hill Boston

at Sloane Merrill Gallery, 75 Charles St. Beacon Hill Boston, through Oct 16th

  CONTEMPORARY ART GLOBALLY SPEAKING attended Thursday nights preview of Rick’s solo exhibition in Boston.  They sent us Ava Wrights review, photos and interview – please click here. We hope you’ll stop by before Oct 16th. We’re always interested to hear your viewpoint of the work too!  Thanks, Sheila
Rick’s solo exhibition is on view through Oct 16th. Beautiful weather this time of year in Boston! Come visit the lovely Sloane Merrill Gallery in its historic Beacon Hill location, 75 Charles Street. Sign the guest book and let us know what you think. Thanks! Sheila and Rick
Please Join Us for light refreshments and conversation during the Sneak Preview on Thursday, Sept 26th 6-8pm 75 Charles St, Beacon Hill Boston    Solo Exhibition: Sept 27-Oct 16
Solo Exhibition Sept 27-Oct 16

Myrinx by Rick Berry, Oil 2013

You are invited to visit Sloane Merrill Gallery in Boston’s Beacon Hill area for  – “Back to Back” on view through early May.

Open Reception: Friday, April 12  6:30-9pm

This themed group show is a collaborative venture with Boston Figurative Art Center.  Invitational artists include: Damon Lehrer, Jon Nix, Leo Mancini-Hresko, Nick Ward, Rick Berry, Tony Apesos, Gene Dorgan, Paul Goodnight, Brett Gamache, Jim Burke, Freda Nemirovsky, Britt Snyder, Ann Hirsch, Tom Grady, Janet Monafo, Paul Rahilly, & Kelly Carmody. On Friday evening, Sloane Merrill hosts an evening to chat with friends, meet new artists, and enjoy the collection of figurative works by internationally known and emerging regional figurative artists. We’re pleased to have Rick’s oil painting, “Prototype A” (shown below), included in this exciting exhibition.

Please join us Friday! We look forward to seeing you there.

Sheila and Rick
Oil Painting on exhibit at BACK TO BACK group show

Oil Painting on exhibit at BACK TO BACK  Invitational Group Show