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The painting “False Maria” visually captivates the viewer using a muted color palette paired with an extremely wide range of value. The white-hot highlights on the figure’s body draw attention to the curves and twists of the flesh and muscles, giving the two-dimensional figure a three-dimensional standard of movement and life. The unblended texture of the brush strokes and parts of the underlying charcoal sketch are visible behind the realistically rendered figure, so that the figure seems to emerge.  Her body language communicates  feelings of confusion and emotional distress with its spine twisting, hands close to its chest, neck stretched, and face hidden in the shadows.  

Thank you, Andrea Cabral, for this wonderful view of one of your favorite paintings.

This painting has sold. Fine Art Prints of “False Maria”, and many more, are currently available for sale in our store. Visit our Media page to watch how paintings like “False Maria” evolve or hear Berry’s art philosophy and tips.

 ”Berry’s work has this sense of immediate, irreducible clarity. His paintings’ subjects are isolated in a
moment of transition.” Excerpted from Rick Berry’s profile in Warholian.com by Maria Anderson.