“Small Works” featured at AFA Gallery, NYC through the Holidays


Free and Open to Public this Holiday Season

Reception: Thursday Dec 7, 6-9pm
Dec 7 – Jan 1, 2018 |54 Greene St. SoHo | 212-226-7344

United in their scale, the featured artworks from thirty different artists around the world, explore the variation in style, concept, and technical approach present in contemporary painting, drawing, and sculpture. The exhibition, curated by Michael J. Ruple (Gallery Director), features new works by Michael Alan, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Sergio Barrale, Casey Baugh, Rick Berry, Troy Brooks, Bill Carman, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Kelly Denato, Rose Freymouth-Frazier, Gris Grimly, Justin Hopkins, Jared Joslin, Jessica Joslin, Robert LaDuke, Chris Leib, David Lipson, Francis Livingston, Alessandra Maria, Pierre Matter, Caitlin T. McCormack, Kathie Olivas, Marc Scheff, Steven Skollar, Pol Turgeon, Hannah Yata, and more.

Rick is proud to be exhibiting 6 works along side this all star cast. We hope you’ll have a chance to stop by before the year’s end. Thank you.

Denver Exhibition and Demo

Berry Oil Painting Demo precedes Opening Reception for group exhibition

Inner Visions: Contemporary Imaginative Realism

Saturday, Oct 8th   3-5 pm Demo | 6-9 pm Reception
Abend Gallery Denver CO |  800-288-3726 | Oct 8 – Nov 11, 2016 

Popular Coworking site features first Rick Berry mural

generator detail
mural detail

12 feet wide, first mural commission, first time using acrylics, discovering new technological solutions, crazy short deadline—

Like the innovators and entrepreneurs of Workbar.com, the hot new coworking community in Arlington, MA, Rick loves a challenge! He resurrected drawing skills from his underground comic days, created a tattoo-like image, and launched himself into new learning territories, and enjoyed it.

Photo by Marjorie Howard

Along with specifics of the mural concept, Rick talks about how we see, always respecting the viewer and portraying time in 2 dimensional art in these studio interviews by Workbar’s Dave Gentry.

When in Arlington, drop in for a free tour of Workbar at 1165 Mass Ave. Here’s a fun view, our first peek at the installed mural from the front door. Interested in-progress shots? Scroll down.Thanks. 


PA Museum Exhibition includes Demo & Talk by Rick Berry

Oct 21-25

IX: A Celebration of Imaginative RealismIXAllentown Museum
Beginning Oct 21, original paintings and prints by Rick are available in this 5 day festival of art, artists, and educational seminars! 

Friday- Talk by Rick on creativity and it’s neurological supports
Saturday- Rick demonstrates his signature method of oil painting and collaborates with Vanessa Lemen.

Join the fun at Allentown Art Museum! Click
here for tickets.

Thank you, Sheila

photos: Behind the scenes selections at the studio.
Museum banner by Rebecca Leveille Guay.

George R.R.Martin Announcement

We’d like to share a pleasant surprise and a public thank you. Are you wondering what’s next from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin? In the midst of his announcement this week about the deal with Cinemax for his new TV series based on his award winning offbeat “werewolf noir” novella, The Skin TradeGeorge R.R. Martin writes a nice complement about Rick’s art! Very appreciated.  

“…reprinted several times, most recently (and notably) in an illustrated edition from Capclave, where I was Guest of Honor, with a cover and interior art by the amazing Rick Berry.”


For more details about the upcoming TV series, I recommend the source: click here.
Some of Rick’s images for Skin Trade can be found in earlier posts.

Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella
Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella