Neil Gaiman surprise visit

August in New York was grand! Both Opening Receptions first Infra:REAL- The Art of Imaginative Realism at Jonathan Levine Gallery then Works on Paper at Arcadia Contemporary— were just packed with wonderful folks and fabulous art! It was a pleasure to meet so many artists and art appreciators.

We were certainly surprised and delighted by several NY friends, including Neil Gaiman, dropped in as well!  

Scroll down for more fun photos during the Works on Paper receptionFor earlier photos of Infra:Real reception, click Jonathan Levine link above. Enjoy!  Sheila

Neil Gaiman and Rick Berry
Neil Gaiman and Rick Berry

In addition to framed artworks in variety of media by several talented artists, a wall of 16 custom Moleskine sketchbooks was a must see!
Below is Rick’s sketchbook, which sold opening night! 

BERRY--Moleskine1 crop

“Works on Paper”  August 14 – 31st
Arcadia Contemporary Gallery
51 Greene St. Soho, New York

Opening Reception Photos for infra:REAL at Jonathan Levine Gallery

It was a packed and joyous time at this weeks opening reception for infra:Real on a beautiful summer evening in Manhattan. Such a treat that several artists were in attendance! We were fortunate to return the next morning for a private tour.

Friday August 14th, Rick will be back for the 6-8pm Opening Reception of “Works on Paper” at Arcadia Contemporary, 51 Green St. This group exhibition will run until the end of the month. We hope you’ll join us for the opening!

But you have only until Aug 22nd to see “infra:REAL- The Art of Imaginative Realism” the group exhibition curated by Patrick Wilshire. Installed in both Jonathan LeVine Galleries, Rick is honored to have a painting in each location. Further, we were delighted that “Cliff Dweller” is at the front door of 557C West 23rd St. Chelsea – viewable from the street any time of day. Do come by!
Jonathan LeVine Gallery  through August 22

557C West 23rd St  & 529 West 20th St. NY 

Rick Berry at Arcadia Contemporary Gallery NYC, August 14-31

If you’re in New York City this August, stop by Arcadia Contemporary Gallery, located at 51 Greene Street in Soho. Rick Berry, alongside many talented artists, will be showcasing works of art made on paper. We hope to see you at the opening reception August 14th: 6-8pm!

Works on Paper at Arcadia Contemporary Gallery
51 Greene Street, NYC   /   August 14th-31st
Opening Reception August 14th: 6-8pm

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to see Rick’s work at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, you still have time! 

infra:REAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism
Jonathan LeVine Gallery,  August 5-22

Opening reception Wednesday, August 5,  6-9pm
6-8pm 557C West 23rd St  &   7-9pm 529 West 20th St. NY 

Berry @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC August 5-22

Cliff Dweller Cross Over

We’re delighted to announce that Rick Berry’s oil paintings are selected for group exhibition,
Infra:REAL the Art of Imaginative Realism” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NY!  

“Cliff Dweller” (left) is from Rick’s series updating myths as metaphors in the metropolis. She is a modern fury, urgent and teetering upon the precipice of her apartment building, a commentary on anxieties of contemporary urban life. Neil Gaiman called it “heartbreakingly beautiful”.  Also to be shown is “Cross Over”, (right) an expressionistic figure in transition. Rick will be at the opening on the 5th and we hope you’ll join us!

Jonathan LeVine Gallery,  August 5-22
Opening reception Wednesday, August 5,  6-9pm
6-8pm 557C West 23rd St  &   7-9pm 529 West 20th St. NY 

As many of  you know, Rick doesn’t use models or photography, nor does he preplan his compositions. Beginning with random patterns on his painting surface, Rick reacts to the surface, generating isolated figures with emotion and movement, often simultaneously.  This results in painting that appears to shift in time. He uses the act of painting to see, provoking an exploration of contemporary or visionary topic. Self taught; having left school at 17, his work aligns most with Boston Expressionist movement, with artists Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon and illustrator Marshall Arisman as his influence.

This exhibition includes an array of great work from 37 artists
Visit Jonathan LeVine Gallery now through Aug 22 for a feast!
 From the curator, Patrick Wilshire:

“Imaginative realism is the cutting edge of contemporary realism, combining classical technique with postmodern narrative subjects. Focusing on the unreal, the unseen, and the impossible, this genre offers visions of humanity’s mythic past, its unexplored future and, in some cases, its terrifying present. Just as science fiction serves for many as the archetype of postmodern literature with its fascination with the “other” and the unknown, imaginative realism brings this same narrative to the figurative arts.  

infra:REAL is a group exhibition in the most classical sense, presenting the width and breadth of imaginative realism under a single banner. The exhibition features the work of thirty-seven artists, all of whom share a fascination with the narrative of “What if?” and have a strong connection to the mythic taproot that burrows deep into our collective subconscious. Their technical approaches vary, from academic to avant-garde, but all are among the finest realist artists in the world, turning your vision “infra-real” and giving a glimpse above, below, and beyond the reality that both comforts and restricts us all. “—Patrick Wilshire, Curator

“Kitsune Takes the Bet” in San Francisco


“Kitsune Takes The Bet”, 2015 by Rick Berry, oil on canvas,  20″ x 20″

Storybook… Best Remembered Stories
Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco
April 25 to May 9, 2015

Rick has an abiding interest in shape-shifters — across all cultures, past and future. Rick is the son of an Air Force pilot and so was raised in a kind of moveable feast of surreal fighter base communities, populated by people with stories from, well, everywhere. His father, fluent in Mandarin, was stationed in China in the late 40’s (as the Communist Revolution climaxed, engaged in a rescue mission, Rick’s father was the first, and only, person to land a plane in the Forbidden City!).

His parents collected art extensively throughout Asia. As such, Rick grew up surrounded by art and tales of China, Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere. Stories of Kitsune, a fox spirit, are part of this. It so happens that his friend (and sometimes collaborator) Neil Gaiman wrote a “new” folklore involving a kitsuné and a monk— Sandman: The Dream Hunters. A beautiful bedtime reading aloud for children. (We had three small ones then; all grown now, meme’s hopefully installed.)
The process of this painting is a story of shape-shifting itself. Beneath it’s surface are several paintings until Kitsune emerged…

For sales information, contact kim@Modern (415)956-3033.

Hi-Fructose Features Rick Berry!

We are pleased to announce Rick’s feature in Hi-Fructose Magazine!

hi fructose 

Click here for full feature and art.

For a decade now, Hi-Fructose has been a major publication of the New Contemporary Art. They “deliver a diverse cross section of the most influential, genre bending art of our time…”  We’re delighted to receive this recognition of Rick’s work in their magazine!

Hi-Fructose’s Facebook team also gave him a little love…
“Myrinx” was posted on their FB Page – in a few days it had been “liked” 7k times, with 800 shares! 
Wow, we’re grateful to those who liked and shared. (screen shot below) 

Phil Hale’s “Life Wants to Live”

A great weekend in NYC (away from shoveling in Boston) to attend the opening reception of PHIL HALE’s solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. His new work is outstanding! It’s an impressive, thought provoking show. Ends March 21st so get there if you can!

We were happy to see many friends, and delighted to visit with Phil and his family. We’ve known each other a long time now, since Phil was apprenticed to Rick from age 16-18 and I watched as they quickly became collaborators. They last shared a studio in England (1986) and in Italy, 2009, they were the subject of a museum installation titled “Parallel Evolution.” where they once again collaborated live in front of a packed house.

At Jonathan LeVine Gallery, I found it interesting to notice that decades after sharing studios, an ocean apart, and each working his own method, Rick and Phil seem to be arriving separately at a similar mission. Each is examining “the instability and uncertainty that characterize our era” – yet with conclusions evolving in distinct directions. You’ll have a peek at Phil’s paintings in these camera shots but I hope you’ll check the gallery site if you are unable to see the originals. Enjoy!