Art Reception

It was a great night – thank you all!  The live piano music by Caroline Sun from Northeastern’s Gallery Music Program was wonderful! There was a calendar event at which brought more new people. News on Shuffle who traveled from NYC to see Rick’s exhibition, sent us photos. Those and a few by Robert Wiener, Luke and me (Sheila) are below. We appreciate this weekend’s blog by SideBarNation Look for a future podcast with Rick Berry by Swain. The show features several theatrical paintings from Berry’s behind-the-scenes work this fall at American Repertory Theater’s hit musical CABARET; and two seasons with OperaBoston. Monumental portrait of Dresden Dolls’ singer-songwriter, Amanda Palmer as gender bending MC for Cabaret is a highlight. Paintings from the Cabaret series will be exhibited next month in NYC. Of socio/political interest are paintings from the international symposium Global Crime, Corruption and Accountability of Tufts Institute of Global Leadership where Berry was Practioner-in-Residence for four annual symposia.