BallPoint Life 04 and some promises

These are from a week back (last night’s yet to scan; new scanner en route). I should mention the 12th drawing is a pencil and a memory riff; sometimes while hosting and settling late-comers, I miss the pose and just have to wing it later. Models are Hannah and Katie (again, full names as soon as find where they wrote them). We’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in our models. I’d lay that off on Damon Lehrer’s sharp eye but he says it’s just wonderful luck. Boston must have quite the talent pool in this area. Last night we had a full house to draw Daniella  (“D” in some of my prior drawings). A fine night. Some of it is ambience; the room was filled with talent but there was also a buzz in the air and at times outright mirth. Scott Bakal, Kristina Carrol, Dave Bardon, Lehrer and myself were the pros in the group but a number of incredibly talented students from MassArt and AIB showed as well. About a 15 artists in all. Good thing there’s plenty of room. — Straightening up is a bear though (hint to any suspects who might be hintable). A few weeks back I did the senior folio review at MassArt (Bakal set this up). Just want to say I was astonished at the chops of many of the students. A delightful day. More on this later perhaps. Also, will post some in-progress paintings soon. All the best to you. R