George R.R.Martin Announcement

We’d like to share a pleasant surprise and a public thank you. Are you wondering what’s next from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin? In the midst of his announcement this week about the deal with Cinemax for his new TV series based on his award winning offbeat “werewolf noir” novella, The Skin TradeGeorge R.R. Martin writes a nice complement about Rick’s art! Very appreciated.  

“…reprinted several times, most recently (and notably) in an illustrated edition from Capclave, where I was Guest of Honor, with a cover and interior art by the amazing Rick Berry.”


For more details about the upcoming TV series, I recommend the source: click here.
Some of Rick’s images for Skin Trade can be found in earlier posts.

Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella
Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella