National Figures Globe review

Curated by Rick Berry and Damon Lehrer, NATIONAL FIGURES opened with a packed reception at William Scott Gallery, Boston, this month.
“This show has some pieces that buzz with smart composition and emotional truth… Cate McQuaid wrote about NATIONAL FIGURES in her Oct 18th, Boston review “Dreams, the bizarre, a gaze.” …Look out for Paul Goodnight’s electric “Movement,” a drawing that conveys swinging, gyrating dance as much as it does the dancer. Anne Harris’s pieces are always pristine and creepy, like her “Untitled Blonde,” a woman with golden teary eyes beneath a spray of blunt-cut curls. Isaac White’s “Woman in Room” is made with brusque slashes of paint that splinter into one another. Figure works like White’s and Harris’s remind us of how hard it can be to be human.”
Open Wed– Sat, 12-5 pm  Free Parking from Albany St.   On view until October 29th, we hope you’ll visit and add your comments!