Painting Demo Extravaganza last Saturday

Rick Berry did four paintings throughout the afternoon in his unplanned improv method — scribbling with the paint and lifting highlights until he found direction in the act of painting. Rick, as usual, was as inspiring as a speaker as he was a painter.”       Irene Gallo writing about ART OUT LOUD 7  at Museum of American Illustration, Sept 24, 2011. See full story and photos at TOR about this Benefit for Student Scholarships sponsored by Society of Illustrators. Click facebook button on right for photos of Rick painting, courtesy of Melannie Montenegro, Album – Sept 24, 2011

Silver Award for Amanda Palmer’s Cabaret Art by Rick Berry

Exciting news this weekend by way of Thanks for posting Irene! “…The 2010 Society of Illustrators awards are starting to leak and Rick Berry has received a silver medal for his work on Amanda Palmer’s production of Cabaret. I believe the word is, “Woohoo!” Rick’s paintings have appeared on countless science fiction, fantasy, and comic books, including Sandman, Stephen King novels, and the first digitally painted book cover for William Gibson’s Necromancer. Over the years Rick has split his time between illustration, galleries, and paintings for theatrical performances. Throughout, his work maintains a sense of otherworldliness,  a searching feeling of almost being there.” read Irene Gallo’s full blogpost about Rick’s Cabaret art