ArtsFuse review of IT FIGURES

Emotion, Time and Eros in the work of Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry

Review by Grace Dan Mazur in today’s The Arts Fuse : Culture of New England

Comparing Rick Berry’s expressionist paintings with Damon Lehrer’s exquisitely rendered, classical, and contemplative work made me wonder about the expressionist style in general. By this I mean that artistic terrain where the passions, vehemence, or ferocity of the artist so colors the work as to form a powerful but distorting more… This show brilliantly contrasts two artists, Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry, and the wildly different ways they approach figurative painting. (For the questions that the artists have for each other see Damon Lehrer’s interview of Rick Berry.) It Figures. At the William Scott Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue, #65, Boston, MA. Until September 30