Denver Exhibition and Demo

Berry Oil Painting Demo precedes Opening Reception for group exhibition

Inner Visions: Contemporary Imaginative Realism

Saturday, Oct 8th   3-5 pm Demo | 6-9 pm Reception
Abend Gallery Denver CO |  800-288-3726 | Oct 8 – Nov 11, 2016 

Popular Coworking site features first Rick Berry mural

generator detail
mural detail

12 feet wide, first mural commission, first time using acrylics, discovering new technological solutions, crazy short deadline—

Like the innovators and entrepreneurs of Workbar.com, the hot new coworking community in Arlington, MA, Rick loves a challenge! He resurrected drawing skills from his underground comic days, created a tattoo-like image, and launched himself into new learning territories, and enjoyed it.

Photo by Marjorie Howard

Along with specifics of the mural concept, Rick talks about how we see, always respecting the viewer and portraying time in 2 dimensional art in these studio interviews by Workbar’s Dave Gentry.

When in Arlington, drop in for a free tour of Workbar at 1165 Mass Ave. Here’s a fun view, our first peek at the installed mural from the front door. Interested in-progress shots? Scroll down.Thanks. 


PA Museum Exhibition includes Demo & Talk by Rick Berry

Oct 21-25

IX: A Celebration of Imaginative RealismIXAllentown Museum
Beginning Oct 21, original paintings and prints by Rick are available in this 5 day festival of art, artists, and educational seminars! 

Friday- Talk by Rick on creativity and it’s neurological supports
Saturday- Rick demonstrates his signature method of oil painting and collaborates with Vanessa Lemen.

Join the fun at Allentown Art Museum! Click
here for tickets.

Thank you, Sheila

photos: Behind the scenes selections at the studio.
Museum banner by Rebecca Leveille Guay.

George R.R.Martin Announcement

We’d like to share a pleasant surprise and a public thank you. Are you wondering what’s next from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin? In the midst of his announcement this week about the deal with Cinemax for his new TV series based on his award winning offbeat “werewolf noir” novella, The Skin TradeGeorge R.R. Martin writes a nice complement about Rick’s art! Very appreciated.  

“…reprinted several times, most recently (and notably) in an illustrated edition from Capclave, where I was Guest of Honor, with a cover and interior art by the amazing Rick Berry.”


For more details about the upcoming TV series, I recommend the source: click here.
Some of Rick’s images for Skin Trade can be found in earlier posts.

Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella
Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella

Neil Gaiman surprise visit

August in New York was grand! Both Opening Receptions first Infra:REAL- The Art of Imaginative Realism at Jonathan Levine Gallery then Works on Paper at Arcadia Contemporary— were just packed with wonderful folks and fabulous art! It was a pleasure to meet so many artists and art appreciators.

We were certainly surprised and delighted by several NY friends, including Neil Gaiman, dropped in as well!  

Scroll down for more fun photos during the Works on Paper receptionFor earlier photos of Infra:Real reception, click Jonathan Levine link above. Enjoy!  Sheila

Neil Gaiman and Rick Berry
Neil Gaiman and Rick Berry

In addition to framed artworks in variety of media by several talented artists, a wall of 16 custom Moleskine sketchbooks was a must see!
Below is Rick’s sketchbook, which sold opening night! 

BERRY--Moleskine1 crop

“Works on Paper”  August 14 – 31st
Arcadia Contemporary Gallery
51 Greene St. Soho, New York

Opening Reception Photos for infra:REAL at Jonathan Levine Gallery

It was a packed and joyous time at this weeks opening reception for infra:Real on a beautiful summer evening in Manhattan. Such a treat that several artists were in attendance! We were fortunate to return the next morning for a private tour.

Friday August 14th, Rick will be back for the 6-8pm Opening Reception of “Works on Paper” at Arcadia Contemporary, 51 Green St. This group exhibition will run until the end of the month. We hope you’ll join us for the opening!

But you have only until Aug 22nd to see “infra:REAL- The Art of Imaginative Realism” the group exhibition curated by Patrick Wilshire. Installed in both Jonathan LeVine Galleries, Rick is honored to have a painting in each location. Further, we were delighted that “Cliff Dweller” is at the front door of 557C West 23rd St. Chelsea – viewable from the street any time of day. Do come by!
Jonathan LeVine Gallery  through August 22

557C West 23rd St  & 529 West 20th St. NY 

Rick Berry at Arcadia Contemporary Gallery NYC, August 14-31

If you’re in New York City this August, stop by Arcadia Contemporary Gallery, located at 51 Greene Street in Soho. Rick Berry, alongside many talented artists, will be showcasing works of art made on paper. We hope to see you at the opening reception August 14th: 6-8pm!

Works on Paper at Arcadia Contemporary Gallery
51 Greene Street, NYC   /   August 14th-31st
Opening Reception August 14th: 6-8pm

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to see Rick’s work at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, you still have time! 

infra:REAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism
Jonathan LeVine Gallery,  August 5-22

Opening reception Wednesday, August 5,  6-9pm
6-8pm 557C West 23rd St  &   7-9pm 529 West 20th St. NY 

Berry @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC August 5-22

Cliff Dweller Cross Over

We’re delighted to announce that Rick Berry’s oil paintings are selected for group exhibition,
Infra:REAL the Art of Imaginative Realism” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NY!  

“Cliff Dweller” (left) is from Rick’s series updating myths as metaphors in the metropolis. She is a modern fury, urgent and teetering upon the precipice of her apartment building, a commentary on anxieties of contemporary urban life. Neil Gaiman called it “heartbreakingly beautiful”.  Also to be shown is “Cross Over”, (right) an expressionistic figure in transition. Rick will be at the opening on the 5th and we hope you’ll join us!

Jonathan LeVine Gallery,  August 5-22
Opening reception Wednesday, August 5,  6-9pm
6-8pm 557C West 23rd St  &   7-9pm 529 West 20th St. NY 

As many of  you know, Rick doesn’t use models or photography, nor does he preplan his compositions. Beginning with random patterns on his painting surface, Rick reacts to the surface, generating isolated figures with emotion and movement, often simultaneously.  This results in painting that appears to shift in time. He uses the act of painting to see, provoking an exploration of contemporary or visionary topic. Self taught; having left school at 17, his work aligns most with Boston Expressionist movement, with artists Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon and illustrator Marshall Arisman as his influence.

This exhibition includes an array of great work from 37 artists
Visit Jonathan LeVine Gallery now through Aug 22 for a feast!
 From the curator, Patrick Wilshire:

“Imaginative realism is the cutting edge of contemporary realism, combining classical technique with postmodern narrative subjects. Focusing on the unreal, the unseen, and the impossible, this genre offers visions of humanity’s mythic past, its unexplored future and, in some cases, its terrifying present. Just as science fiction serves for many as the archetype of postmodern literature with its fascination with the “other” and the unknown, imaginative realism brings this same narrative to the figurative arts.  

infra:REAL is a group exhibition in the most classical sense, presenting the width and breadth of imaginative realism under a single banner. The exhibition features the work of thirty-seven artists, all of whom share a fascination with the narrative of “What if?” and have a strong connection to the mythic taproot that burrows deep into our collective subconscious. Their technical approaches vary, from academic to avant-garde, but all are among the finest realist artists in the world, turning your vision “infra-real” and giving a glimpse above, below, and beyond the reality that both comforts and restricts us all. “—Patrick Wilshire, Curator

Berry Interview following talk at MIT about Vision, Cognition, Making and Viewing Good Art

After this standing-room-only lecture by Rick titled “LET ART THINK”, Oleg Brodskiy at Boston Festival of Independent Games, interviewed Rick.

Rick talks about Art as Frontier. He answers questions about  the “other consciousness I call the monster” How and why do you want to release it to think with art – triggering the high processing values of which the mind is capable.  He explains “using art to see” by scribbling and reacting to layed down shapes and random patterns, examining for phenomena. He discusses collaborative mind and tells us how “just this and no more” meaningfully connects artist and viewer.

Thanks for taking a look. Your comments are welcome. 

Rick Berry & Paper Darts

Why is figurative art important? According to Rick,
“Our figuration of people is the pulse-taking of who we are and how we define ourselves … you actually use the art to see.”
This quote is excerpted from an interview recently published in Paper Darts, an innovative arts and literature magazine that features creative pioneers. The interview, conducted inside Rick’s studio by writer Maria Anderson, explores all the questions that count:
What is Rick’s art philosophy?
What is his creative process?
What personal history is he building upon?
The profile includes a broad selection of paintings and drawings as well as a video clip of Rick from Maria Carbardo’s award winning art documentary, Better Things

To discover why Ms. Anderson titled her interview “The Continuous Feast”, click here.

Clockwise from top left: “Dancetron” (graphite, digi-post processed), “Vanish” (oil), “Changeling” (oil)
© RickBerryStudio.com

Rick Berry in “UNIVERSE” – opening Friday

Finish! 3/25
“Final Approach” by Rick Berry  12 x 12″ oil at Modern Eden Gallery

Rick was happy to be invited, along with studio pal, Rich Pellegrino, to create work for
Michael Cuffe’s curated exhibit April 12th – May 3rd at Modern Eden Gallery in
San Francisco, CA.

Press Release:   “UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence” will bring together artists on the subject of space, the cosmos, galaxies, celestial bodies, planets, stars, and more. Also explored is the larger outer paradigm of the Universe that relates to things of an atomic scale, such as elements of quantum physics, atoms, and energy streams. Each artist has been encouraged to interpret the Universe itself as either an outer or inner world.”  -Michael Cuffe, Editor-in-Chief,  Warholian

Opening Reception: Saturday April 12th, 6-10 pm
Modern Eden Gallery, April 12th – May 3rd
403 Francisco St., San Francisco CA
Sales: Kim@ModernEden.com (415) 956-3033


Rick Berry Store!

Peek in today as we open doors for the first time with a select group of archival pigment ink prints! http://store.rickberrystudio.com Signed and numbered. All are printed with pigment inks on fine art matt paper in very small editions.  Rick printed this selection himself -with assistance from artist friends – to assure fidelity to each original art work. We  have been asked so often if Rick will sell prints of his compelling oil paintings and finally made some time to produce these. Let us know what you think. 
Cabaret Butoh Series
from CABARET starring Amanda Palmer

George R. R. Martin and Rick Berry

Game of Thrones author personally requested Rick create both the cover and several b&w interiors for this recent re-release of his award-winning werewolf novella, The Skin Trade.  We hear this savage mini epic is in movie production now and produced as a comic. This is a sweet little hardcover book designed for a special event. Available now to the general public from the publisher , only a limited number of copies were made. Some are signed by GEORGE R. R. MARTIN and RICK BERRY over Rick Berry art! (see photo below) Original paintings are expected to be available for purchase in February. Contact sheilaberry@braid.com if you have questions before then. Thanks
Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella
Rick Berry cover for George R.R.Martin novella
Signature Page
Signature Page

New Interview and Show Review! “Rick Berry Human Evolution 21st Century”

Sloane Merrill Gallery, 75 Charles St. Beacon Hill Boston
at Sloane Merrill Gallery, 75 Charles St. Beacon Hill Boston, through Oct 16th
  CONTEMPORARY ART GLOBALLY SPEAKING attended Thursday nights preview of Rick’s solo exhibition in Boston.  They sent us Ava Wrights review, photos and interview – please click here. We hope you’ll stop by before Oct 16th. We’re always interested to hear your viewpoint of the work too!  Thanks, Sheila

Rick Berry show opens

Rick’s solo exhibition is on view through Oct 16th. Beautiful weather this time of year in Boston! Come visit the lovely Sloane Merrill Gallery in its historic Beacon Hill location, 75 Charles Street. Sign the guest book and let us know what you think. Thanks! Sheila and Rick

Rick Berry Solo Exhibition

Please Join Us for light refreshments and conversation during the Sneak Preview on Thursday, Sept 26th 6-8pm 75 Charles St, Beacon Hill Boston    Solo Exhibition: Sept 27-Oct 16
Solo Exhibition Sept 27-Oct 16
Myrinx by Rick Berry, Oil 2013


You are invited to visit Sloane Merrill Gallery in Boston’s Beacon Hill area for  – “Back to Back” on view through early May.

Open Reception: Friday, April 12  6:30-9pm

This themed group show is a collaborative venture with Boston Figurative Art Center.  Invitational artists include: Damon Lehrer, Jon Nix, Leo Mancini-Hresko, Nick Ward, Rick Berry, Tony Apesos, Gene Dorgan, Paul Goodnight, Brett Gamache, Jim Burke, Freda Nemirovsky, Britt Snyder, Ann Hirsch, Tom Grady, Janet Monafo, Paul Rahilly, & Kelly Carmody. On Friday evening, Sloane Merrill hosts an evening to chat with friends, meet new artists, and enjoy the collection of figurative works by internationally known and emerging regional figurative artists. We’re pleased to have Rick’s oil painting, “Prototype A” (shown below), included in this exciting exhibition.

Please join us Friday! We look forward to seeing you there.

Sheila and Rick
Oil Painting on exhibit at BACK TO BACK group show
Oil Painting on exhibit at BACK TO BACK  Invitational Group Show

Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Anthony Martignetti

The year long collaboration with Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra came to an exciting close a few weeks ago with their final concert right here at Boston’s Paradise Lounge. We had a great time, later visiting backstage with still newlyweds, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman. The couple are making their home in Cambridge. Many may know that Amanda has blogged about canceling tours due to standing by a very sick friend.

  This special long time friend happens to be a new author. Rick and I were fortunate to attend his book launch of Lunatic Heroes. just before Thanksgiving. Anthony Martignetti read 2 of his witty yet hard hitting stories, peppered with familiar Boston Italian / Catholic expressions and accents. Neil read from his novel to be published next year, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. So now we have to wait to know what happens! Amanda read her forward to Lunatic Heroes, and entertained us with ukulele and song. She was joined for a song by surprise musical guest, Jason Webley. In a rare appearance fully clothed, she looked beautiful in a 40’s style dress, perfect attire for her duet with Neil of that old favorite  “Making Whoopee”  Sweet! I just finished Lunatic Heroes and Rick’s grabbed it from my hands – raw, comic, real -recommended! The paintings for this art exhibition series and book project will be returned to the invited artists early 2013. There is talk of an art auction, or paintings will be available for sale directly from the artists. When more information becomes available, we’ll send out a blog. If you want to be on preferred list, send me an email. Happy Holidays! Sheila
Neil Gaiman pre-concert, Rick Berry portrait of Amanda Palmer on wall
and in the book
"Berlin" without her bicycle
Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra perform their August art show at the Middle East Club in Cambridge
photo by Luke Berry

Art at True Grounds Cafe

NEW! Small Rick Berry paintings available! SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICES If you are in the Boston area, please stop in to see Rick’s series of new smaller oil paintings at True Grounds Cafe…and have a wonderful snack or meal at the cafe voted one of top 10 by USA Today. Exhibition up through December. Please click on thumbnails below for pricing and details. Online sales – Contact me at sheilaberry@braid.com. Thanks for taking time to view the new work – comments welcome!   717 Broadway, Ball Square Somerville   7am-6pm M-F/ 8am-6pm Sat+Sun  

Just in time for Halloween

For the month of October Pariah Fine Art presents “Dark Vistas”, a group exhibition of haunting, surreal and speculative work.  The opening reception will be held October 5th from 5pm to 9pm During this festive Friday evening, Pariah Fine Art will also feature fire and hoop dancing in the courtyard by Sara Young of Hoopsaray. That will be fun! Please come by if you can-
image: Hanuman, oil by Rick Berry

Last chance to see SHAPESHIFTERS


All are invited! Artist Reception Monday, July 16th 4:30 – 7:30.

If you’re in the San Diego area, especially after the frenzy of International Comic Con, come on down to the show!
Sip something cool next to the Pacific Ocean while viewing the art and collaborations of Rick Berry and Vanessa Lemen at the spacious gallery in Encinitas Library , voted one of best libraries in nation (we’re partial to our own east coast Robbin’s Library of course!)
Yes, that's ocean and sky just beyond the library

“Heartbreakingly beautiful” is Neil Gaiman’s comment on Rick Berry’s art

“Cliff Dweller” ©Rick Berry, oil on panel, 24 x 48

Neil Gaiman sent this response to Rick’s new works, a set of  4 ft. oils updating myth as metaphor in the metropolis. The Minotaur withdrawn in his maze, sits at the Fault Line, while Fury is the Cliff Dweller, urgent and teetering upon the tenement precipice. Available for purchase by contacting info@rickberrystudio.com

 “Fault Line” ©Rick Berry, oil on panel, 24 x 48

San Francisco – Varnish Fine Arts

FM Signal by Rick Berry©2012  16 x 20  Oil
  Entering the Varnish Fine Art Gallery for the opening reception of “To have and have not”, the red dot tagged “FM Signal” as SOLD already. It was a wonderful show with work by artists we admire including Barron Storey, John Watkiss, Lee Ballad (also curator) and several more. Varnish Fine Art Gallery was packed with people enjoying the art and conversations, eventually spilling out into the warm San Francisco evening. More photos to come…in fact, send some if you have them to sheilaberry@braid.com –Thanks
Lee Ballard, Barron Storey, Rick Berry

Rick Berry University Speaking Event next month – Open to all

Rick is invited to the Southern Utah University next week as Eccles Visiting Scholar. If you are anywhere near join us for  free lecture and presentation with Rick Berry, courtesy of USU! For more information about week’s events please contact Assist Prof Ron Spears or the university.  spears@charter.net
Eccles Visiting Scholar


Rick Berry painting brings in highest sale at silent art auction! 100% proceeds benefit INVISIBLE CHILDREN charity! Thank you bidders and all who will consider donating to this important cause. Happy Holidays from Sheila and Rick and our daughter and the other member’s of her high school who use this auction to help others. 

Rick Berry donates art for auction to help INVISIBLE CHILDREN

“Rumour” by Rick Berry © 2011, is an original oil painting on gessoed museum board, 5 x 7” (wood frame 7.5” x 9”)   Bidding for this painting is open at just $60! to benefit Invisible Childrens Project. HAND + HEART Charity Auction features work by several community artists, Buckingham Brown & Nichols high school art faculty and their students to raise money for 4 IMPORTANT charities selected by the students. The silent auction is ongoing by email ltangusso@bbns.org or in person until the Closing Reception this Friday when you can speak with some of the artists and place final bids. HAND + HEART  Closing Reception 3 -7pm this Friday, Dec. 9th. BB&N Upper School Gallery is free, open to all, and wheelchair accessible. 80 Gerry’s Landing Road, Cambridge MA 02138  617-547-6100 (main office) Rick Berry will donate 100% proceeds of his sale to INVISIBLE CHILDREN PROJECT. Our daughter and other students at BB&N, learned about how this project works to expand the radio tower early warning network in central Africa (esp Congo). These towers provide a desperately needed warning to villages when the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) are on the move. LRA massacre families in rural African villages and abduct children forcing them to be members of LRA—training them to kill others for their own survival. Our daughter feels very strongly about the importance of their work and will continue to donate her time and talents to help. She talked to Rick about this and together they selected this painting to offer for auction. I hope you will consider bidding for this lovely jewel and help those families. The bidding is beginning low to give students a chance to start personal collections but the goal is raise as much as possible to help INVISIBLE CHILDREN project. If you are in the area, please come in to see ALL the wonderful work for auction and hear about the other charities. Thank you! Sheila, Rick and KL PS If unable to reach the school for any reason, or if you prefer, you can place bids with me by email and the time stamp will determine the winner. Thanks, sheilaberry@braid.com    

Hadassah leaves, Rueben enters

13Forest Gallery has just acquired Rick’s painting “Rueben” to replace “Hadassah”, sold the first weekend their group show, Plenty, opened. (Thank you, mysterious new collector – we shall connect soon)  “Rueben” is now on view – Oil on archival canvas board, 13½” x 13½” framed; Special holiday price – $600 Contact marc@13FOREST.com   781-641-3333 “Reuben” — Berry©2011 And just to remind those in the Boston area – stop by for 13Forest Gallery’s Dec. 15th annual Party. Hope to see you there! Sheila and Rick    

BFAC tonight

Just a reminder – Rick hosts BFAC modeling sessions on Monday nights at his Medford MA studio. If he’s not busy on a painting project, he sketches as well. Lately, he’s experimenting with enhancing the ballpoint pen sketches. Hope you enjoy them, Sheila

Plenty..for the holiday season

“Hadassah” is up at 13Forest Gallery in their 4th Annual “PLENTY” exhibition of selected regional artists. If you’re in the Boston area, we hope you’ll join us at the Holiday party 12/15— Special holiday price – $500 Contact marc@13FOREST.com   781-641-3333

Hadassah, 11″ x 14″, graphite and oil on gessoed panel, Framed 16″ x 19″

National Figures Globe review

Curated by Rick Berry and Damon Lehrer, NATIONAL FIGURES opened with a packed reception at William Scott Gallery, Boston, this month.
“This show has some pieces that buzz with smart composition and emotional truth… Cate McQuaid wrote about NATIONAL FIGURES in her Oct 18th, Boston Globe.com review “Dreams, the bizarre, a gaze.” …Look out for Paul Goodnight’s electric “Movement,” a drawing that conveys swinging, gyrating dance as much as it does the dancer. Anne Harris’s pieces are always pristine and creepy, like her “Untitled Blonde,” a woman with golden teary eyes beneath a spray of blunt-cut curls. Isaac White’s “Woman in Room” is made with brusque slashes of paint that splinter into one another. Figure works like White’s and Harris’s remind us of how hard it can be to be human.”
Open Wed– Sat, 12-5 pm  Free Parking from Albany St.   On view until October 29th, we hope you’ll visit and add your comments!

Painting Demo Extravaganza last Saturday

Rick Berry did four paintings throughout the afternoon in his unplanned improv method — scribbling with the paint and lifting highlights until he found direction in the act of painting. Rick, as usual, was as inspiring as a speaker as he was a painter.”       Irene Gallo writing about ART OUT LOUD 7  at Museum of American Illustration, Sept 24, 2011. See full story and photos at TOR about this Benefit for Student Scholarships sponsored by Society of Illustrators. Click facebook button on right for photos of Rick painting, courtesy of Melannie Montenegro, Album – Sept 24, 2011

ArtsFuse review of IT FIGURES

Emotion, Time and Eros in the work of Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry

Review by Grace Dan Mazur in today’s The Arts Fuse : Culture of New England

Comparing Rick Berry’s expressionist paintings with Damon Lehrer’s exquisitely rendered, classical, and contemplative work made me wonder about the expressionist style in general. By this I mean that artistic terrain where the passions, vehemence, or ferocity of the artist so colors the work as to form a powerful but distorting more… This show brilliantly contrasts two artists, Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry, and the wildly different ways they approach figurative painting. (For the questions that the artists have for each other see Damon Lehrer’s interview of Rick Berry.) It Figures. At the William Scott Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue, #65, Boston, MA. Until September 30  

Open All This Month – come visit!

IT FIGURES: Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry opened this weekend and was a great success. A lovely cool September evening in Boston – hundreds of people walking about SoWa Art District touring the open galleries during this festive monthly event. The Willam Scott Gallery was packed for 3 hours. Didn’t have a camera but some pictures by friends (Robert Wiener, Scott Bakal) near closing when crowd had thinned enough to see some more art. Thanks to everyone who came by Friday – you made it such an enjoyable evening. If you’re in the Boston area, we hope you’ll have a chance to stop by. Open through Sept 3oth. William Scott Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave hours: Wed – Sat 12-5 and Sun 12-4. (617)542-4040 Parking accessed by Albany St./ Silver line along Washington St. or longer walk from Broadway Station, Red Line or Back Bay Commuter Rail  

It Figures Exhibition – Opening Friday at William Scott Gallery, SoWa

Rick is finishing up packaging paintings for delivery today  – open truck, pouring rain, busy making custom vault-like packaging… IT FIGURES: Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry opens tomorrow, Sept. 9, 6-9pm   William Scott Gallery, Boston. Check gallery hours if you’ll be in Boston anytime between now and Halloween because immediately following IT FIGURES, Damon and Rick have work in (as well as curated) October’s group exhibition to open at William Scott Gallery on Oct 7th. Rick’s previewing some work from his newest series at IT FIGURES, along with other great paintings. Amanda Palmer fans will be interested to see Rick’s 7ft portrait of her as gender bending MC in last summer’s A.R.T. production of Cabaret – On loan from collector. Hope you can stop by! “No Metal Men” oil on prepared cotton ragboard, 20x32in “Gregor” oil on prepared cotton ragboard, 20x32in.  

“It Figures” featured in Artscope Newsletter

Dorothy by Damon Lehrer, 38" x 40".
From ArtScope Magazine Sept 1, 2011 Attention New England: figurative artwork is not a “has been.” In fact, figurative art is on the rise and if you as an artist can convey figures, there isn’t much you aren’t able to do. We say this because as humans, we are wired to think and see figuratively. It is from this frontier of figures that we can move on to apply the imagination and other elements that evolve figurative artwork into other things. Bottom line: you can’t abandon figurative art. Two artists that will agree with us on this topic are Boston based figurative painters Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry. In an interview together, Rick Berry says, “We will never not want to see figures. We will never lose the ability to spot things in figurative light.” He likens this to cloud-gazing children and the figures they are able to point out. Almost all art starts with the human figure because our minds are designed to see things in the human form. From this concrete state, abstractions and imaginations can be applied to the things we manifest in human form to develop them beyond the figure. In their show, It Figures, Berry and Lehrer remind us of the possibilities of figurative painting. Lehrer‘s precise and perverted baroque style contrasts with Berry‘s refined brutalism and generation of bodies under strain in the most compelling way. Rick Berry, a painter who rarely works with external references, started his career at the age of seventeen in underground comics. He worked his way into popular culture with art for Marvel and DC comics and has even been commissioned by authors like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman for his illustrations. Damon Lehrer received his MFA from Boston University and has his work in numerous prestigious collections. Lehrer has also founded the collective known as the Boston Figurative Art Center with the mission to promote figure painting in its many incarnations as a primary focus for contemporary art in Boston and beyond. It Figures will be showing at the William Scott Gallery in Boston from Friday, September 9th through Friday, September 30th. An opening reception will be held on September 9th from 6-9pm. Immediately following It Figures, William Scott Gallery will host a group exhibition for the month of October in which Berry and Lehrer invite selected nationally and internationally known figure painters, many with Boston connections, into the image-driven conversation. Artists include Phil Hale, Anne Harris, Ken Beck, Bill Carman, Ed Stitt, Paul Goodnight, Jim Burke, George Pratt, Scott Bakal and others.    


Night Music (June 2012)
Rick Berry cover and “Miss June” in recently released Dellas Graphics calendar, art directed by Illustration Department Head at NHIA , Jim Burke. “Frogfolio” has a long history of award winning interpretations of, well, frogs. Distinguished artists/illustrators, invited by Burke, contribute each year for this large format (18″ x 24″) eclectic visual treat.
frogfolio cover
Astaire – Frogfolio Cover and March 2012

Phil Hale comments on Rick Berry influence

Great interview with figurative painter, Phil Hale in AFEK+ED. — “a place where students, professionals, freelancers, and artists can get their daily dose of inspiration from the full spectrum of creativity” “Phil Hale, for those who don’t yet know, is an American figurative painter who now lives and works in London UK. Phil has done some major works for Stephen King, RayGun, Playboy, Spectrum and many other renowned publications worldwide. His award winning portraits are in London’s National Portrait Gallery. In 2008 he was commissioned to paint the official portrait of former prime minister of England, Tony Blair for the House of Commons… Here at AFEKTED we wanted to learn about what inspires Phil Hale”  


Rick Berry in new art book this spring…

click here for Rick Berry painting included in Wired magazine’s spring review of new art book…“Artists reimagine the wild, dystopian world of Transmetropolitan in a new book that honors the legacy of Ellis & Robertson’s classic comic book series. The art book expertly distills the comic’s seething cyberpunk world view — for charity.”  

Back from San Diego

Rick visited old friends, met new folks and fit in some collaborative painting as well. What could be better
Collaborating with Vanessa Lemen / Chatting with George Pratt
“Better Things” panel and movie preview was a success. Rick enjoyed the conversation and was glad to learn more about his art hero and friend. Interesting how you think you know someone well, yet each panel member has a different experience with Jeff so that during the panel a more rich image of our late friend emerges. Thanks to film creater/director  Maria Carbardo, for this opportunity.
“Better Things” traces the life of one of the industry’s most influential illustrators/painters, through interviews with those inspired by Jeffrey Catherine Jones.

“Better Things” previews Thursday with panel at Comic-Con

Attending Comicon? We hope you’ll mark your program for “Better Things” Thursday evening. Please join us at 7:30 for a lively discussion about Art, Comics and Jeffrey Catherine Jones. We embedded a preview of this film a while back.
Better Things Panel Description: Room 4
Thursday, July 21st   7:30 pm – 8:30 pm   Jeffrey Catherine Jones: The Documentary — Filmmaker Maria Cabardo is joined by artists Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin), Mark Bode (Cobalt 60)Rick Berry (Sparrow #6, Double Memory), Robert Wiener(Donald M. Grant Publisher), George Pratt (Batman: Harvest Breed), Henry Mayo (Ghostbusters, Dune) and tentative Louise Simonson (Superman, X-Factor),
for a preview and discussion of her upcoming documentary feature Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. Using interviews with Jones and a wide range of family, friends and colleagues, the film explores the late artist’s fascinating, challenging life and unique journey through the worlds of comics, illustration and fine art. Moderated by John Butler.
These are some of the folks you’ll hear from in Better Things: The life and choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Lucca Toons

A couple years back, Phil Hale and I were honored to be asked as guests of the great Festival of Comics and Games in Lucca, Italy. The charcoal drawings that people have been kind enough to comment on were in many cases earlier versions of the same ones sent to Lucca. I thought I’d post them as they are today plus some of the ones that I didn’t pursue. The gorilla motif was in part connected to the Festival’s theme of “Darwin” et al. These were part of a simultaneous exhibit of our work held at the Lucca Institute of Contemporary Art; “Parallel Evolution” was about Hale’s and my long standing and productive association. We also had a large number of oils there and collaborated live for one astonishingly feted evening. I’ll follow these up with charcoals of the same period done for OperaBoston.  

Mid Promise

Here are three “maybe” mid-states (sometimes I like them enough to leave them alone; my struggles are titanic) all started on the same day. This is to fulfill one of my promises of painting content — at least midway fulfill it. Best R  

BallPoint Life 04 and some promises

These are from a week back (last night’s yet to scan; new scanner en route). I should mention the 12th drawing is a pencil and a memory riff; sometimes while hosting and settling late-comers, I miss the pose and just have to wing it later. Models are Hannah and Katie (again, full names as soon as find where they wrote them). We’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in our models. I’d lay that off on Damon Lehrer’s sharp eye but he says it’s just wonderful luck. Boston must have quite the talent pool in this area. Last night we had a full house to draw Daniella  (“D” in some of my prior drawings). A fine night. Some of it is ambience; the room was filled with talent but there was also a buzz in the air and at times outright mirth. Scott Bakal, Kristina Carrol, Dave Bardon, Lehrer and myself were the pros in the group but a number of incredibly talented students from MassArt and AIB showed as well. About a 15 artists in all. Good thing there’s plenty of room. — Straightening up is a bear though (hint to any suspects who might be hintable). A few weeks back I did the senior folio review at MassArt (Bakal set this up). Just want to say I was astonished at the chops of many of the students. A delightful day. More on this later perhaps. Also, will post some in-progress paintings soon. All the best to you. R  

Best show this year!

…quoting Rick from our Friday night visit to Issac White’s opening in “Bits + Pieces” exhibition, in Boston’s charming South End. White’s created a full environment in a separate room of Mills Gallery with work in various states of completion; paintings, drawings, photography, objects. One of Rick’s former students, this was the first time I’d really seen White’s art. His installation stimulated thoughts about the artist’s process, continually moving and evaluating. The work is dynamic and I enjoyed it. Lissa Rivera’s installation is also worth the visit – walk through drapes to a small victorian room, which surprises with sculpture and contemporary video. Hoping you’ll have a chance to visit “Bit’s + Pieces” before it closes June 26th…    


Scott Bakal came to the monday night life-drawing gig yesterday. We had a wonderful model but I couldn’t resist throwing a board on the easel and looking for trouble. I kicked off an oil and Scott, who’s not shy, soon had something in hand with which to make marks too. So there we both were whacking away at this 30×40 in. surface and quite pleased with the start (mind you this is not of the model but a visual dialog between Scott and myself; right after this we did resume sketching the model). I’m looking forward not only to taking this one the rest of the way home but getting Scott back for a longer stint and new paintings. Direct collaboration is rare and may not be for the faint of heart — pieces do crash and burn and it doesn’t do to be precious — but if you’re working with a fearless fellow artist, you can generate novel visual synergies. This opens up new visual territories for me always (and I hope it creates reciprocal effects as well). If  you’re not familiar with the grace and poetry of Scott Bakal’s (award winning) pictures, it’s well worth looking him up.

OperaBoston — Donizetti Scribbles

A little while ago Julia Pevzner directed OperaBoston’s production of “Maria Padilla” by Donizetti. She’s a wonderful director, very Russian, lives now in Tel Aviv, flown in for her anything-goes attitude and unflappable competence (We met and decidedly liked each other during her astonishing direction of  Shostikovich’s “The Nose”; one of the eeriest and funniest things I’ve ever seen; also beautiful). She called, said, “I’ve two tickets to dress rehearsal waiting for you at the door. Come draw.” I got there late and missed the first act. My wife (who’d been on time) leaned over during the second and whispered, “the lead’s changed!” Turns out she’d become ill. I watched and listened to the understudy (good) but a slight air of unease floated about. In the third act, the understudy was also not feeling well but gamely went on …voiceless. Incredibly Gil Rose the Music Director would hum the lead’s part from the orchestra pit! I’m able to move anywhere in orchestra seating as it’s kept clear for finalizing technical details; I get a pretty good bead on the orchestra itself. They’re doing a wonderful job of not smiling too much at their boss as he does his valiant best falsetto to carry it all through. The audience is terrifically appreciative as they all know this was a tour de force, albeit of a different sort but one nonetheless. Sitting with Julia, I hear her say, leaning forward, chin on her hands and in her droll disaster-proof Russian accent, “Dat is the worse dress rehearsal I’ve ever seen.” (I rather liked it). Then she’s off, much to do before opening night and she’s undented. These are some of the sketches I could generate, sometimes sitting in the dark, sometimes I could actually see what I was doing.

Ballpoint Life 03

More examples from the monday night BFAC life sessions at my studio. Michael, the model, was very good. Soon as I find his card I’ll give him a plug (in fact I’ll list all the models so far once I find their full names).

Ballpoint Life

I’m a late-bloomer. All my drawing, painting, sketching is typically done without preamble or external references of any kind. No models, photos, props etc. I’ve met people who find this hard to believe. …I do study intensively but this is usually just staring hard at things (and losing track of what I was suppose to be doing). The few things I’ve actually done from reference either were forced on me by some external circumstance or as in the case of my painting “Sharp Tuxedo” I was simply beguiled by the thing. All in all, I’d say that less that 1% of 1% of my work derives from looking at anything other than the surface I’m using. So, when Damon Lehrer, founder of Boston Figurative Arts Center, asked me to join the group I said yes because I like the guy, like his work and I like his message. Damon feels that the concept of figure work for artistic expression is being treated as somehow passé in many academic art institutions and in art critique. Irksome to him and also to me. What I didn’t know was that heart and soul to the BFAC’s effort was regular life drawing and painting. I told him that I really didn’t do much of that (never really) and wasn’t sure I’d find it particularly worth the effort. Still, as I said, I like the guy so I showed up at a “long pose” session at Vernon St. Studios. It must have been like having a buzzing bee flying around your head for the other artist there, with me flitting from position to position trying to fill my time. Everyone was doing one image from one angle and they would be doing this for the next however so many weeks. I however have the attention span of a gnat. I suggested to Damon using my studio for some short pose work. No one could have been more surprised than myself to hear me say this. Damon said, “Great.” The following drawings are all done with a Bic ballpoint. The very same tool I used to doodle my way to high school drop-out. We’ll see where this goes but it seems blooming late to take up life drawing now.

Silver Award tomorrow

Solo exhibition at Northeastern closed this week. It was a great run, thanks to everyone who stopped by! Looking forward to reading all those comments. We are off to NYC in morning for Rick to receive the Silver for “To Absent Friends” from Cabaret Series. Hoping to catch some of the Armory Show/Scope/VOLTA if we stay around Saturday. Looking for some new galleries to place new Berry work – Suggestions? Favorites?
“To Absent Friends” – one of four large poster sized paintings that lined the passage way to Kit Kat Klub in American Repertory Theater’s production of Cabaret

NHIA Lecture & Demo

I attended one of Rick’s college talk & demo sessions for the first time and it was quite a day. It was held in New Hampshire Institute of Art’s gorgeous French Building of Arts and Sciences – such an impressively beautiful place built in 1913 and in continuous use for art students. It was packed with about 170 students from 11:30 -1:45 (yes, through lunch) who listened intently, asked questions and much to my surprise, accepted Rick’s invitation to get up on stage and collaborate. Rick started an image and continued to talk and answer questions while one by one students would go up to the stage (one fellow jumped up!) and paint. Rolando Torres was nice enough to send me these pictures today. Thanks Rolando.

Map it

I’ve been told a few people couldn’t find Gallery 360 on Northeastern’s large campus, so I’m including a section of the campus map. I can’t imagine why NU doesn’t have outside signage for this spacious and attractive gallery. Secret treasure… “SEEING IN THE DARK” –  Closes Tuesday March 1st / 10am -7pm daily      Free admission  /  please sign Rick’s guest book – comments welcome If you go:   Gallery 360 is inside Ell Hall (#52) 360 Huntington Ave in Ruggles MBTA Orange line                         #73 is very large parking lot on Columbus St. Krentzman Quadrangle, which is the first group of Northeastern buildings next to YMCA, and opposite MBTA green line stop. . Enter  here, turn right at Blackman Auditorium. Limited meter parking, garage on Gainsborough St, near New Eng.Conservatory. OR:     Park in NU parking lot along side MBTA tracks. At bottom of map, you can see the walkway over the tracks from the edge of the lot. Enter bldg # 50 Curry Student Center, walk through the building to Ell Hall. The gallery connects the two building.

Art Reception

It was a great night – thank you all!  The live piano music by Caroline Sun from Northeastern’s Gallery Music Program was wonderful! There was a calendar event at Boston.com which brought more new people. News on Shuffle who traveled from NYC to see Rick’s exhibition, sent us photos. Those and a few by Robert Wiener, Luke and me (Sheila) are below. We appreciate this weekend’s blog by SideBarNation Look for a future podcast with Rick Berry by Swain. The show features several theatrical paintings from Berry’s behind-the-scenes work this fall at American Repertory Theater’s hit musical CABARET; and two seasons with OperaBoston. Monumental portrait of Dresden Dolls’ singer-songwriter, Amanda Palmer as gender bending MC for Cabaret is a highlight. Paintings from the Cabaret series will be exhibited next month in NYC. Of socio/political interest are paintings from the international symposium Global Crime, Corruption and Accountability of Tufts Institute of Global Leadership where Berry was Practioner-in-Residence for four annual symposia.

Show Galleries

Amidst all the excitement, I figured people might want to see the artwork in the show online, so I put a “Current Show” link available at the top of the page. Check it out! Prices are available for each image when you click to get a bigger view. Soon I’ll replace this with a real galleries section, but for now feel free to poke around.

New Solo Exhibition at Gallery 360

There’s going to be a new solo exhibition at Gallery 360 opening on January 11th for two months. We’d love to see you there! Here’s the postcard and info.

Seeing in the Dark

Drawings and Paintings of Expressionist Anatomy January 11th – March 1st, 2011 Gallery 360, Ell Hall, Northeastern University 360 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA

Please join us next week for the opening!

Thursday, January 13th, 5 – 7pm Seeing in the Dark postcard

Silver Award for Amanda Palmer’s Cabaret Art by Rick Berry

Exciting news this weekend by way of Tor.com. Thanks for posting Irene! “…The 2010 Society of Illustrators awards are starting to leak and Rick Berry has received a silver medal for his work on Amanda Palmer’s production of Cabaret. I believe the word is, “Woohoo!” Rick’s paintings have appeared on countless science fiction, fantasy, and comic books, including Sandman, Stephen King novels, and the first digitally painted book cover for William Gibson’s Necromancer. Over the years Rick has split his time between illustration, galleries, and paintings for theatrical performances. Throughout, his work maintains a sense of otherworldliness,  a searching feeling of almost being there.” read Irene Gallo’s full blogpost about Rick’s Cabaret art

13FOREST Gallery, Plenty ‘o art to see!

We stopped by this week for 13FOREST’s opening reception of PLENTY. It’s a wonderful show. On view through Jan 28th, New England artists were invited to submit small works for the holiday season. Rick’s painting “Ancestral Memories” is lovely little  8 x 10″ oil. If you are in the Boston area, you are invited to a HOLIDAY RECEPTION, Thursday, DEC 16th 7-9pm 13FOREST Gallery, 167 Mass Ave. Arlington 781-641-3333
"Ancestral Memory" 13FOREST Gallery, Arlington, MA 781.641.3333
Our favorite home town theater – The Capital – is across the street playing Harry Potter and another great movies in original art deco building.

Cabaret Art

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to Amanda Palmer & Steve Bogart’s fantastic production of Cabaret at the Oberon theater in Cambridge, you’ll see Rick’s ‘Theater Posters’ at the Kit Kat Klub. I say lucky because all 43 performances sold out so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to buy tickets for a second viewing with friends. The musical is fantastic and so moving!

Although the posters are part of the set design, the originals are on view at New Hampshire Institute of Art through Halloween. 148 Concord St. Manchester.

Cabaret Butoh Series

Cabaret Butoh Series

Cabaret Butoh Series

Cabaret Butoh Series

Cabaret Emcee Amanda Palmer, previewed by Neil Gaiman

“My old friend Rick Berry is painting a breathtaking portrait of Amanda Palmer as the MC in Cabaret”.
Neil Gaiman and  friend, “Super Kate”  visited the studio last night for the first look at Willkommen—Amanda Palmer as Emcee in Cabaret. Rick’s current collaborative project is paintings for the American Repertory Theater’s CABARET, starring  Amanda Palmer and directed by Lexington’s Steven Bogart. I think Rick’s works belongs to the continuum of cabaret and theater art which he loves (think Toulouse Lautrec, Leon Bakst, Egon Sciele). The difference is his work isn’t meant to be seen outside the theater as posters, illustration or even reportage of actual events, Rick’s art is inside the theater as part of the Kit Kat Klub experience. His paintings contribute to the unique immersive and visceral quality of Palmer’s CABARET. This will be a fantastic production! 42 performances in Cambridge, MA Aug 31 – Oct 29. Click here for details and tickets. Sept is almost sold out! Photos courtesy of Neil Gaiman twitter last night
“Super Artist Rick Berry in his lair, Super Kate on the right”

Maintenance Work

Hi! Since blogger shut down their ftp publishing a while ago, I’ve finally been able to re-do this news page with wordpress and we can post again! Please be patient while I bring other parts of the site over to the new system, which will hopefully be done by the end of August. The old versions should still be available until I do. You can check out what’s been going on in the mean time by looking at his Facebook page. He’s been working on artwork for Cabaret starring Amanda Palmer, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Parallel Evolutions in Italy

The exhibition is up! Some words from the curator, translated loosely from Italian…

“Lucca Center for Contemporary Art in partnership with Lucca Comics and Games Festival present the art of Rick Berry and Phil Hale with several oil canvas and three site-specific pieces. The exhibition is intended as a small homage to a creative collaboration …

Parallel Evolutions is a little show with a big ambition. It aims to portray the work of two artists who are emblematic of the fluid, shifting nature of contemporary art. Moving from illustration to fine arts, mixing references to pop culture and renaissance painting, employing digital techniques at the same time as classical oils, experimenting in collaborative works as well as following personal paths, Rick Berry and Phil Hale were chosen as duo to represent the spirit of evolution and growth.”

Artist Talk, Saturday, August 22, 4:30-6pm

Rick Berry will give an artist’s talk in conjunction with his solo exhibition“Seeing in the Dark: The Figurative Works of Rick Berry,” open through August 30, 2009 at Sharon Arts Exhibition Gallery, Downtown Peterborough NH


Press Release: On view through August 30 at Sharon Arts Exhibition Gallery are Berry’s large figurative works in oils and charcoals. Berry is “a stunning painter whose brush strokes simultaneously invoke movement and emotion…compelling,” writes Linda Laban of Metro Boston. Leonie Bradbury, Director and Gallery Curator of Montserrat College, MA, describes Berry’s work as “uniquely ethereal and thoughtfully designed.”

Rick Berry will be in the downtown gallery for an Artist Talk including Q + A. He will discuss his artistic approach and vision, including his original process of painting that begins, not with models and photography, but with “scribbling”.

Join the conversation with Fine Artist Rick Berry, whose career highlights include four provocative solo exhibitions for Tufts University’s international symposia on global issues, and Juror’s Choice award from Arthur Dion of Gallery Naga, Boston. In addition, Berry’s diverse commissions run the gamut from pop-culture comic covers for Neil Gaiman; to acting as cyber-stunt double for Keanu Reeves in film; to current work on his own graphic novel supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. A pioneer in new media, Berry is credited with creating the first digital cover painting for a novel worldwide (Neuromancer by William Gibson). Berry’s work is featured in art annuals, magazines, and anthologies, as well as in his own books, Sparrow and Double Memory. Noted authors Stephen King and Neil Gaiman are among private collectors of his work.

Whether you are a seasoned professional artist, an aspiring artist, or simply curious about the artistic process, an art gathering with Rick Berry is a rare opportunity to gain both inspiration and insight into the working process of this unique artist. Please join us on Saturday, August 22nd at 4:30 p.m. The event is accessible, free and ample parking is available in Depot Square.

Interview by ARTSAKE, Mass Cultural Council

ArtSake recently caught up with the painter Rick Berry to ask him about his work. Seeing in the Dark: Pattern Recognition/Discovery in the Marks, The Figurative Works of Rick Berry opens today at the Sharon Arts Exhibition Gallery. The show runs through August 30th.

What artists’ work do you admire most but paint nothing like? Here’s the problem. Any artist I’ve ever admired, known or anonymous, has affected my work, my choices. It’s impossible for me to not do things because of this. Here’s an example: One could look at the paintings and say, “Well that’s nothing like Jackson Pollock,” and not know about how often I sling turp and paint directly at the formative surface searching for lyric geometries; the painting may wind up sharply figurative but all that movement? Just go back to its initial musical chaos, and you’ll find a painter that I “paint nothing like.”

What is the most surprising response to your art you have ever received? Read the full interview and leave comments here

Seeing in the Dark:The Figurative Works of Rick Berry

Sharon Arts Exhibition Gallery, Peterborough, NH

Aug 7 – 30  Opening Reception, Aug 7th, 5-7pm

Artist Talk, August 22nd, 4:30-6pm

Sharon Arts announces an exhibition of large oil paintings and charcoals of Rick Berry—fine artist; pop culture illustrator for comics, gaming, books: and pioneer in new media (first digital cover painting for a novel worldwide, Neuromancer by William Gibson). His diverse experience ranges from provocative solo exhibits for Tuft’s international symposia on global issues; acting as Keanu Reeves’ cyber-stunt double for Berry’s award-winning CGI climax in Columbia TriStar’s Johnny Mnemonic; paintings for collector editions of Stephen King novels; to his current residency with OperaBoston. Sparrow and Double Memory, two books of his art, are available on Amazon.com.

“A stunning painter whose brush strokes simultaneously invoke movement and emotion…compelling” writes Linda Laban in Metro Boston. There is a uniquely ethereal quality to the work with room for viewer collaboration. Berry states, “My goal isn’t to create a finite image. I value the viewer’s sophisticated response to create a shared wavelength, giving the work added meaning and opening up dialog.”

Without models, photos, indeed any external references, Berry manages to draw and see things with such convincing clarity that it approaches clairvoyance. It’s as if he can see in the dark. Come see why.

Gallery Hours: Open Tues-Thurs 10-5, Fri-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4, closed Mondays

Painting Demo/Book Signing at Comic Con

July 23-26 Rick Berry will be at San Diego Comic Con International. 

Stop by for Berry’s oil painting demonstration at Donato Arts sponsored by Spectrum: Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art. And don’t miss Greg Manchess demo Saturday

Friday, July 24th at 1:30  Booth #4503

Tor Books captured last year’s Berry Demo in three parts for YouTube and posted photos on Flickr by Irene Gallo

Sunday at 3:30, Booth # 1705, Rick will be signing copies of his art book SPARROW at IDW 

Scarecrow in Oz

Ozspirations: New Art Inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Rick Berry’s, Scarecrow, was in the juried exhibition honoring the 100th anniversary of L. Frank Baum’s classic book series at New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, Boston.  This thought provoking exhibit asks how we interpret characters and story in light of modern day realities and includes the work of 30 artists selected from world wide submissions. Berry’s work “uses the scarecrow as icon on several levels to explore social and psychological issues surrounding eating disorders in this land of plenty where body image is dictated by the media.” Sadly, those who try to meet that fantasy may live a dangerous reality.

Being There

Rick Berry’s solo exhibition, Designer Beings: the Anatomy of Presence is highlighted in Boston Metro—

Being There

“Boston-based artist Rick Berry is well known as a renegade in the art world, one who designed the cover art for William Gibson’s groundbreaking cyberpunk novel, “Neuromancer.” And, while designing the “extraction” sequence in the much-underrated “Johnny Mnemonic,” he also “body doubled” for Keanu Reeves in the computer-generated choreographed graphics. Discover Berry’s other side, a stunning painter whose brush strokes simultaneously invoke movement and emotion, at “Designer Beings: The Anatomy of Presence,” a compelling exhibit of the Tufts teacher’s paintings showing at Newton Free Library Gallery daily, 9 a.m.-9 p.m., through Oct. 30. Call 617-796-1360″ Linda Laban

Sample Artwork

Present Tense – A Drawing Show

Director Sand T and ArtSPACE at 16 continued to highlight the significance of the fundamental medium of drawing through this exhibition. Juror Heidi Marston wrote “Drawing is the most immediate expression of a thought…it is a universal form of communication.” Works selected from Rick Berry were Dancing Mug, red chalk and Bad Robin, oil stick. The opening reception was held on July 8, 2006 with a gallery talk lead by Marston, followed by artist talks.

click for images from reception
click for news article