“Kitsune Takes the Bet” in San Francisco


“Kitsune Takes The Bet”, 2015 by Rick Berry, oil on canvas,  20″ x 20″

Storybook… Best Remembered Stories
Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco
April 25 to May 9, 2015

Rick has an abiding interest in shape-shifters — across all cultures, past and future. Rick is the son of an Air Force pilot and so was raised in a kind of moveable feast of surreal fighter base communities, populated by people with stories from, well, everywhere. His father, fluent in Mandarin, was stationed in China in the late 40’s (as the Communist Revolution climaxed, engaged in a rescue mission, Rick’s father was the first, and only, person to land a plane in the Forbidden City!).

His parents collected art extensively throughout Asia. As such, Rick grew up surrounded by art and tales of China, Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere. Stories of Kitsune, a fox spirit, are part of this. It so happens that his friend (and sometimes collaborator) Neil Gaiman wrote a “new” folklore involving a kitsuné and a monk— Sandman: The Dream Hunters. A beautiful bedtime reading aloud for children. (We had three small ones then; all grown now, meme’s hopefully installed.)
The process of this painting is a story of shape-shifting itself. Beneath it’s surface are several paintings until Kitsune emerged…

For sales information, contact kim@Modern Eden.com (415)956-3033.

George R. R. Martin purchases three
Rick Berry Paintings

Last year Martin requested Berry as artist for his savage werewolf epic, The Skin Trade. Washington Science Fiction Association’s Press published Martin’s award-winning novella  as a stand-alone Limited 1st Edition hardcover in conjunction with Martin being Guest of Honor at their annual fall convention near DC. Rick created the cover and several paintings for the books interior. 

We’re pleased to announce “Willie” (above) and 2 other Rick Berry’s oil paintings from this book are in George R.R.Martin’s private collection in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Author of mega-popular Game of Thrones and so much more, did you know Martin is also a star in world of independent cinemas? He’s the driving force behind saving and reviving the Jean Cocteau Cinema in his home community. Rick and I happen to be lucky to enjoy a favorite old theater from 1920’s in our town. We admire that George is supporting a venue that makes wonderful memories for everyone. Screenings include classic, cult, and new movies; also live events from music, theater, and literary worlds. Just one example, last year Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer performed. New things happen almost daily. 

AND…George R.R.  Martin has also installed an ART GALLERY at Cocteau Cinema. He’s invited Rick to show work there in the future! That’ll be fun.skintrade books for post

Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Anthony Martignetti

The year long collaboration with Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra came to an exciting close a few weeks ago with their final concert right here at Boston’s Paradise Lounge. We had a great time, later visiting backstage with still newlyweds, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman. The couple are making their home in Cambridge. Many may know that Amanda has blogged about canceling tours due to standing by a very sick friend.

  This special long time friend happens to be a new author. Rick and I were fortunate to attend his book launch of Lunatic Heroes. just before Thanksgiving. Anthony Martignetti read 2 of his witty yet hard hitting stories, peppered with familiar Boston Italian / Catholic expressions and accents. Neil read from his novel to be published next year, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. So now we have to wait to know what happens! Amanda read her forward to Lunatic Heroes, and entertained us with ukulele and song. She was joined for a song by surprise musical guest, Jason Webley. In a rare appearance fully clothed, she looked beautiful in a 40’s style dress, perfect attire for her duet with Neil of that old favorite  “Making Whoopee”  Sweet! I just finished Lunatic Heroes and Rick’s grabbed it from my hands – raw, comic, real -recommended! The paintings for this art exhibition series and book project will be returned to the invited artists early 2013. There is talk of an art auction, or paintings will be available for sale directly from the artists. When more information becomes available, we’ll send out a blog. If you want to be on preferred list, send me an email. Happy Holidays! Sheila
Neil Gaiman pre-concert, Rick Berry portrait of Amanda Palmer on wall
and in the book
"Berlin" without her bicycle
Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra perform their August art show at the Middle East Club in Cambridge
photo by Luke Berry

“Heartbreakingly beautiful” is Neil Gaiman’s comment on Rick Berry’s art

“Cliff Dweller” ©Rick Berry, oil on panel, 24 x 48

Neil Gaiman sent this response to Rick’s new works, a set of  4 ft. oils updating myth as metaphor in the metropolis. The Minotaur withdrawn in his maze, sits at the Fault Line, while Fury is the Cliff Dweller, urgent and teetering upon the tenement precipice. Available for purchase by contacting info@rickberrystudio.com

 “Fault Line” ©Rick Berry, oil on panel, 24 x 48

Cabaret Emcee Amanda Palmer, previewed by Neil Gaiman

“My old friend Rick Berry is painting a breathtaking portrait of Amanda Palmer as the MC in Cabaret”.
Neil Gaiman and  friend, “Super Kate”  visited the studio last night for the first look at Willkommen—Amanda Palmer as Emcee in Cabaret. Rick’s current collaborative project is paintings for the American Repertory Theater’s CABARET, starring  Amanda Palmer and directed by Lexington’s Steven Bogart. I think Rick’s works belongs to the continuum of cabaret and theater art which he loves (think Toulouse Lautrec, Leon Bakst, Egon Sciele). The difference is his work isn’t meant to be seen outside the theater as posters, illustration or even reportage of actual events, Rick’s art is inside the theater as part of the Kit Kat Klub experience. His paintings contribute to the unique immersive and visceral quality of Palmer’s CABARET. This will be a fantastic production! 42 performances in Cambridge, MA Aug 31 – Oct 29. Click here for details and tickets. Sept is almost sold out! Photos courtesy of Neil Gaiman twitter last night
“Super Artist Rick Berry in his lair, Super Kate on the right”